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Tsubasa Chronicle Battle: CLAMP RPG LIMS
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Due to lack of participation and time on the mods part.

Welcome to tsubasa_battle, an rpg style lims, for in paticular series by CLAMP! Participants adopt an identity of a Tsubasa character for a series of rounds, until one character is declared the winner. However icons are not limited for Tsubasa itself - any icon, as long as it features a CLAMP works, is acceptable.

The idea for this community was inspired by tartankilts' ff_kh_battle. Much love to her. ♥ The layout was also edited from using a premade one from paintedlayouts.

And by the way, I'm your mod, Espo. Feel free just to call me that.
Of course there are a few rules everyone is going to have to read and adherd to for signing up to this icontest.

1. You must keep your identity secret until the end. Even if people ask you who you are, don't disclose it - it's not too big a loss if people found out, but try to keep it as secret as possible. That's the idea.
2. On that note, no voting for people because you know who the iconmaker is. You're voting on the icons merits, not your favourite icon maker.
3. First come first serve with characters. For this case, you must give three possible characters you want to play as in your submission, in case your first choice is taken.
4. Cheating or getting people to vote for you: you will be disqualified and banned for the next two rounds.
5. Do not display your icons anywhere until voting is over.
6. All icons must fit with livejournal requirements, 100x100, below 40KB.
7. Only CLAMP images can be used, no doujinshi! In your submission specify which series and character(s) is on the icon.

And I'm going to say this now, no Code Geass icons. It's not a series by CLAMP, only the character designs. So no icons from that.
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The Game
Remember Outo? That place where you slept in this egg and 'dreamt' you were part of this game? It's the same here. All participants enter Outo, and choose their character identity - that being one of the Tsuabsa cast. All of you will become fighters of some sort. Except, in the game, you also travel worlds. Each week, there will be the world-hopping chance with Mokona, but each week it will be guarded by a monster. During the week there may be requests or other chances to win points and gain items to cure yourself if you get a status effect put on you. When you run out of points or are eliminated, you are evicted from the game - and will have to wait to the next round to participate.
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